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Adventure + Luxury + Woman Power = Travel Queen solo female travel group for women!

Travel Queen is about so much more than solo female group travel on amazing adventures, it’s about bringing women together, creating new friendships and championing woman power, because every woman deserves to feel like a queen.

Small luxury solo female travel group tours, adventures and holidays for independent / single women in 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s with Travel Queen
Travel Queens jumping for joy!

Recently I’ve been gathering together lots of reviews from women who’ve done Travel Queen group tours with me, women of different ages in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, from different backgrounds and parts of the UK and Ireland, with different jobs, relationship situations and reasons for booking onto a tour. Every single review puts a HUGE smile on my face and literally makes my day, but what also strikes me is how, among all the different women, there’s a common theme running through what they all tell me about their experience with Travel Queen.

  They all booked on their own, without knowing anyone, and the main reason for joining us was because they didn't have people in their lives that they could do a trip like this with. None of them had ever done anything like this before, and many were a little, if not very, apprehensive about doing something so adventurous on their own for perhaps the first time, yet they were still drawn to go for it and do it anyway.

One of our Thailand Adventure groups at the pre-trip UK meet up, at the airport and in Thailand

And all of them said they were so glad they took the plunge and did it, and how quickly they realised that it wasn’t scary at all. That they soon realised we were all in the same boat, and were simply a group of women, not just looking for adventure and an amazing holiday, but for new friendships with other women, who'd maybe also been feeling like we were the only ones who didn't have people in their lives to do these kind of big, exciting trips with.

They all said how happy it made them to then find those women and share an incredible experience with them, that created what they knew would become lifelong friendships way beyond the tour itself. (Below are just some of our group reunions after we've got home from being on tour together.)

Lots of the women on our tours have booked onto another Travel Queen tour to recreate that feeling and even travel with some of the same women again. And lots have been lucky enough to create friendships so special that they’ve gone on their own holidays together too. Cat and Paula (below left) met in Thailand in November and have been away to Cape Verde this summer. Amy and Michaela (below middle) met in Thailand in February and have been away to Majorca this summer. Dawn and Avril (below right) met in Croatia in June and have booked a Greek cruise together. The list goes on!

Even Hana and Kim, a rare pair of existing friends that booked onto a tour together, can go on holiday together whenever they like, but after their experience on the Thailand November 2018 tour they have booked onto the Croatia June 2020 tour, to enjoy the Travel Queen experience of meeting, travelling and creating new friendships with other women again.

I’ve been told so many incredibly honest and personal stories about why women have booked onto a Travel Queen group tour, where they were at before they booked and what the experience meant to them. Women who were feeling frustrated as one of the only single women among their friends who are all settled down and in relationships, who might have been feeling a bit lost or lonely after a big relationship ended. Women who have been through some difficult health or personal challenges, and women who just needed to escape from everyday life or work for a bit and focus on doing something for themselves.

It might have been as meaningful as needing to find themselves again, or it might have been as simple as just really wanting a holiday with the girls, with nothing else to think about but soaking up amazing sights, sharing special experiences and laughing and having fun like only a group of women can! 

I can totally relate to all of these reasons too, and they are a big part of why I created Travel Queen. Yes, I'm super passionate about travel and the places we go on our tours, but I'm equally passionate about how a trip like this with likeminded women can really change your perspective and prove that you're not alone, there are so many other women out there feeling exactly like you! For more about my personal story click here to read my blog post 'Why going travelling single, on my own and in my 30s was the best thing I ever did and led to Travel Queen!'

Small luxury solo female travel group tours, adventures and holidays for independent / single women in 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s with Travel Queen
Mel (front left) with some of the girls on a boat trip in Thailand

So, if you’re looking for an amazing adventure with a great group of women in a beautiful destination, where you’ll explore hidden gems that I've discovered on my travels instead of just following the masses, with a little luxury and comfort along the way, where you’ll feel safe, and able to enjoy it exactly how you like, then you’re in the right place. That’s exactly what you’ll get on a Travel Queen group tour, at the very least. Just read the reviews and watch the videos here and let our Travel Queens convince you!

But read between the lines of their words and you’ll see that you could actually get so much more. More confidence, more independence and more belief in yourself, that with the support of other women like you, you can step a little out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself with what you’re capable of. And in the bubble of our special little group adventures, you could easily gain amazing new travel buddies and friendships that could last a lifetime. 

That is what Travel Queen is all about.

Small luxury group tours, adventures, travel and holidays for solo / single women in 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s with Travel Queen
Cat, Rachel, Paula, Avril, Valentina and Hana on the November 2018 Thailand Adventure

We hope you join our growing community of women who are choosing to put themselves first for once and give yourself an unforgettable adventure with us. After all, we are only here once and you deserve it! 

But don’t just take my word for it, read the reviews and watch the videos of real women that have done a Travel Queen tour here and let them share their experience with you.

Thanks for reading,

Mel x

Small luxury solo female travel group tours, adventures, travel and holidays for solo / independent / single women in 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s with Travel Queen


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