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5 reasons you need a Travel Queen adventure with the girls!

Women in their 20s to 50s who had only known each other a few days on our Thailand Adventure!

1. It's way too long since your last girls' holiday...and they're scientifically proven to be good for you!

There's something special about spending quality time with friends that really helps us escape, and extending that time on a holiday in a different country seems to multiply this tenfold. There have even been scientific studies done that prove holidays with friends are good for your actual health and wellbeing!

Research from social-personality psychologist, Dr William Chopik, suggests that girls’ holidays are imperative for our health as evidence has shown that they boost our overall happiness levels. Dr Chopik’s research project, published in Personal Relationships, revealed that holidays with female friends have a positive impact on our health, as friendships are a way to get all the benefits of being in a relationship with someone, but without the hassle of it!

Well, who are we to argue with actual science?!

How a Travel Queen adventure with the girls makes you feel!

2. You need a new tribe of female friends

As we get older our friends become harder to get time with, what with relationships, kids and work, and sometimes we naturally grow apart too as our lives change so much. Even if you still see your friends, are they on the same page as you when it comes to what they want out of life and what they like to do for fun?

So many women that come on Travel Queen tours book because they feel like they don't have the people in their lives with either the time, or the urge, for the fun and adventure that they're looking for. And what’s amazing, is that they don’t just find that with a great group of likeminded women for two weeks on the trip, but they’re often so pleased to find each other and hit it off so well, that special new friendships are created very quickly, that also last when they get home too.

One of our reunions back in the UK with the November 2018 Thailand Adventure tour group

Whether it's just meeting up for a girls’ night out, booking their own holiday together or planning to join another Travel Queen adventure in the future, our trips genuinely create new, lasting friendships. If you take a look at the videos and reviews from women who've been on our tours here, you'll notice that they mention this a lot when describing their experience and you can read more about this in my blog post here.

3. You can’t remember the last time you did something just for you

So many women tell me that one of their favourite things about coming on a Travel Queen group tour is having someone else organise everything for them, as they’re so used to doing it for everyone else. They love just turning up, with no responsibilities other than to enjoy themselves. Julie from Bolton, who has done our Thailand Adventure tour twice and our Croatia Adventure tour, explained this to me by saying, "Mel, when I see you at the airport my brain switches off and that's me for the rest of the holiday; I don't have to worry about a thing!"

Amy from Surrey, who has been on our Thailand Adventure wrote this lovely message about her experience: "Well it’s a week since I left my Thailand travel buddies that have become wonderful friends and I’m still smiling with joy at what an incredible trip we all had. The attention to detail in the planning that Mel provided for us made it so we woke up excited each day and didn’t have to think about a thing. Mel has gone above and beyond the promise she made us and I don’t believe that there is a service out there that could compare to such dedication alongside the knowledge she continually gives. Mel has a wonderful ability to get to know everybody personally too so her attentive, friendly approach is invaluable. I can’t wait to go on another Travel Queen adventure! Thank you for making my life better Mel x"

Amy on our February 2019 Thailand Adventure and the first ever trip she took completely for her

Booking onto one of our trips by yourself means you can indulge in a little, and probably very rare, YOU time, without worrying about keeping anyone else happy along the way. Even if you have a partner, friends or family to go away with, when you know someone well you usually have to take into account what they like to do on holiday too and might have to compromise to keep everyone happy, which is fair enough. But everybody should experience the liberating feeling of only doing whatever the hell you want throughout an entire trip at least once in their life. Although be warned, once you’ve tried it, you’ll want more!

4. You need something more to look forward to this year

How many of us set ourselves goals for a new year and promise ourselves that this time, we’ll stick to it and make this year count. We start off motivated and determined but, before we know it, the miserable weather kicks in, work and routine takes over and all of a sudden it's nearly March and a full quarter of a way through another year.

When women, like Anne-Marie from our January Thailand Adventure, tell me their experience has ‘transformed’ them, made them ‘fearless’ and helped them ’get back the real me’ doesn’t get any better than that for me. Travel Queen is about exploring amazing places, but I created it to be about so much more than just a holiday. It’s about experiences designed to make women feel alive, empowered, brave, connected to other likeminded women and free to do whatever the **** you want...because life really is too damn short not to!

Anne-Marie from our January 2020 Thailand Adventure

I also understand you might be reading this thinking that, as the woman behind the company, of course I would say that a Travel Queen trip will be the one of the best things you ever do! That's why feedback from real women who have been on one or more of our trips is worth so much more and why I hope you take a moment to read and hear what they have to say in the 'Meet Real Travel Queens' part of the website here.

5. Every woman deserves to be made to feel like a Queen

When was the last time you felt spoilt, pampered or special? Maybe it was last week, and if so, good for you! But for so many women that I speak to, whether they are in their late 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s, they either can't remember or could certainly handle some more.

Enjoying the sunset on our private sailboat on our Croatia Adventure

I've designed Travel Queen trips to give women a real experience of adventure but with a few luxuries along the way that will definitely make you feel like you are doing something special; from private sailing trips around stunning islands with our own skipper on our Croatia Adventure to unbelievably beautiful luxury hotels with panoramic sea views on our Thailand Adventure. Rachel did our first ever Thailand Adventure and described our accommodation as amazing, adding; "The hotel where we stayed at the end of the Thailand Adventure was the absolute best hotel I've ever stayed at in my life, and I've travelled all over the globe!"

The balconies in our last hotel rooms on the Thailand Adventure are just a bit special

If you’re wondering whether you deserve to feel like a queen, STOP. You do. We all do.

I hope you join us on a Travel Queen adventure with the girls soon.

Mel x


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