10 reasons you will fall in love with Thailand!

Ok, I admit it, I'm obsessed with Thailand! And for good reason. For me, it has everything you need for an amazing, adventurous yet chilled holiday, and I still haven't found anywhere in the world that's shifted Thailand from being my all time favourite. I'm super passionate about showing people the beauty of real Thailand, and sometimes that's not always what people expect when they hear about some of the busier, more touristy places where the masses head.

So here's my top ten reasons why I love Thailand, and why you will too! On the Travel Queen 15 day jungle to islands Thailand Adventure group tour for women aged 25 to 59, you'll experience all of this and more.

No.1 = The best islands in the world!

Tropical islands are my favourite kinda place and I’ve been lucky enough to explore amazing islands in Australia, Fiji, Bali and other parts of South East Asia...but none beat the stunningly beautiful islands of Thailand!

Super dramatic soaring limestone cliffs, postcard perfect palm tree lined beaches, bright white, powder soft sand and unbelievably clear turquoise waters are what naturally make them stand out from the best.

Add into that mix the great variety of islands to explore that all offer something different, from

the chilled to the lively and the authentic Thai style villages to incredible luxury resorts, and you’ve got yourself island hopping paradise! On the Travel Queen Thailand Adventure tour, we visit 5 beautiful islands, including 3 hidden gems that no other group tour company goes to.

That's the beauty of travelling with a small company that specialises in exploring and regularly visiting a small number of destinations; you get to experience the very best of the place instead of just skimming the surface with the same itineraries that everyone else does.

No.2 = The amazing wildlife!

Thailand gives you the opportunity to get up close to beautiful elephants during our sanctuary visit where you’ll feed and bathe them, cheeky monkeys at Monkey Beach, our jungle treehouses and sometimes when you’re least expecting it, and multicoloured tropical fish during lots of snorkelling in clear turquoise waters! 

Seeing these amazing animals in their natural environment, with no zoos or forced participation in sight, has always been a real highlight to Thailand for me and is obviously one of the highlights of many of the women who join our Thailand Adventure!

No.3 = The super friendly people!

Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles for good reason, Thai people are super friendly, relaxed and welcoming with a very sweet nature. It’s actually part of the Thai culture not to get aggressive and show anger. And if you have a go at the ‘Wai’, pressing both palms together in a prayer with a little bow, and the Thai phrases of Sawasdee Kha (Hello) and Khob Khun Ka (Thank You), you’ll get a great response, even if you don’t quite say it right!

I have close, direct relationships with all of my many local Thai suppliers for the different accommodation, transfers, speedboats, trips and activities that make up the Thailand Adventure. As well as trying everything out in person first I’ve met them all face to face too, and I pride myself on finding Thai run companies and places that mean you get a truly authentic Thai experience full of hidden gems that the masses don’t know about!

No.4 = The hot and sunny tropical weather!

Okay I'm sorry to rub this in while it's cold and miserable in the UK, but Thailand's amazing climate is a very important reason why you will love it (and probably really need it right now)! 

Thailand is hot and sunny all year round, but it's during the worst of British winter time that Thailand has it's best weather and is the peak time to visit. November to April is the dry 

season and when we run our Thailand Adventure group tours; the sun is shining, the skies are blue, the sea is warm and temperatures are consistently in the high 20s/early 30s.

Small luxury group tours, adventures, travel and holidays for solo / single women in 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s with Travel Queen: Thailand

No.5 = The incredibly tasty food!

Oh it's soooo good! Thai food is super tasty because they know how to combine their flavours; sweet, sour, salty and spicy, and everything is freshly made from the incredible array of seafood, meat, vegetables and fruit they have right on their doorstep! 

Their stir fries, curries, spring rolls, chicken wings, barbecue ribs and soups will make you

forget all about your favourite Chinese and Indian takeaways at home, and there are loads of healthy options too. At home I find salads and fruit juices dull, but in Thailand the spicy salads and mango shakes are top of my list of faves! And don't get me started on those Thai pancakes, simple but delicious.

Let's not forget the cocktails, I mean how can drinking out of a coconut or a pineapple not make you smile? The icing on the cake? It's all so flipping cheap!!

On our Thailand Adventure tour you'll not just get to enjoy the food and drink, but how to make it back home too, on our fun Thai cooking and cocktail class.

No.6 = Travelling in style by speedboat between the islands!

Because it’s bloody good fun and the views are amazing! We don’t do slow coach buses or ferries with the masses for good reason, they take ages to load hundreds of people and their bags before they even set off, and then they take ages to get where they’re going, eating into your valuable holiday time.

Speedboats are much faster, the clue’s in the name, and our journeys range from 1 to 2 hours and one 3 hour trip, so you’ll never spend a full day getting anywhere like you do on many group tour itineraries, which means more time to enjoy the amazing destinations we visit. We even have two private speedboat journeys just for us, including our final journey to the private pier of our stunning 5* resort where we end the tour!

Some of the islands we visit are off the beaten track where the big ferries don’t even travel, so the only way to get there is by speedboat. If you want to see the real beauty of Thailand, and not the mass tourist places that most group tours visit, then get booked onto our 15 day jungle to islands Thailand Adventure!

No.7 = The jungle to beaches combo!

Thailand gives you two completely contrasting, naturally beautiful environments, each special for their own reasons and giving you very different experiences on our 15 day jungle to islands Thailand Adventure.

In the jungle we stay in wooden treehouses on stilts that blend in with the surrounding rainforest. You can’t get any closer to the jungle than sitting on your treehouse balcony listening to the tropical humming sound of cicadas and spotting monkeys swinging through the trees! Our trips include feeding and bathing elephants at a nearby sanctuary, exploring the lake at the heart of the rainforest, sailing between sheer limestone mountains, hiking through the forest to hidden caves and taking in the incredible views from a raft house on the lake. You’ll feel like you’re in a scene from Jurassic Park!

In complete contrast, everywhere else we visit is just steps away from some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Soft white sand slopes into unbelievably clear turquoise water, and our beachfront accommodation gives you amazing access and views on tap. Our trips include hopping into Thai long tail boats right from the beach to whisk us away to beautiful snorkelling, swimming and monkey spotting locations, and we seek out hidden beaches away from the masses with the best sunsets and local restaurants. There’s no back to back sun loungers with hundreds of package holiday tourists spoiling the beaches we visit.

No.8 = The Thai culture!

Thailand is a very spiritual place, not just for the entertainment of tourists but as a majorly important part of Thais’ everyday lives. Buddhist temples, from the grand to the humble, in cities to forests, can be found everywhere as places of worship actively used by monks and local people.

Within Thai homes, businesses, hotels and restaurants you’ll see Buddhist shrines, refreshed daily with offerings of incense, food and drink, and tributes to the adored royal family line the walls. The iconic Thai long tail boats are adorned with colourful ribbons and flowers in worship of the goddess of journeys in the real belief this brings safety and protection at sea. Mini versions can even be found hanging in taxis, tuk tuks and motorbikes.

You can practice yoga at sunrise or sunset and meditate on the beach or in the forest and traditional Thai dance performances tell stories of gods, demons and animals. You’ll experience all of this amazing culture on our 15 day jungle to islands Thailand Adventure tour for women.

No.9 = The seriously chilled vibes!

If you need to escape somewhere for utter relaxation, Thailand is the place. Kick off your flip flops, wriggle your toes in the sand and gaze out to stunning sea views and sunsets from one of the amazing beach shack bars that Thailand does best. Your biggest decision will be which tropical cocktail to have or which book to read next.

And if this is all just too relaxing, pop in a hammock for a little snooze and drift off to the background reggae soundtrack and waves.

Take time out on your own or you'll be sure to find a beach buddy among our fab group!

Our women only Thailand Adventure tour is action packed and we see a lot, but there's also time for chilling out and doing nothing but soaking up the super relaxing surroundings of this beautiful country.

No.10 = You'll feel like you're on a real adventure!

The places we visit from the jungle to the islands literally look the setting of an epic adventure, ready and waiting for our group to explore. We don't just stand by the sidelines and look in, we get stuck in and immerse ourselves in everything. We meet elephants and monkeys up close, we hike through the jungle, we snorkel among tropical fish in turquoise lagoons, we climb to stunning viewpoints to watch the sunset, we swim through caves to hidden beaches, we ride on motorbike taxis through local villages, and we sail around islands and between dramatic mountains on Thai long tail boats.

Even our accommodation is designed to give you a taste of adventure and authentic local styles of living, with our treehouses in the heart of the rainforest and traditional Thai style bungalows with outdoor bathrooms, where you can shower looking up at the sky through palm trees.

In fact, one of the things I love most about Thailand is that as soon as you even just step outside the airport, you know you are somewhere exotic and exciting, and that you are a very long way from home. The heat, the sounds of Thai people and the smells of humidity and Thai food all hit you at once before you've even started your journey from the airport. Then as your taxi makes its way to the hotel, you'll pass temples and shrines, the edges of the jungle, strange colourful buildings, and motorbikes laden with whole families and their worldly belongings. Thailand just feels like such a wilder place than the comforts, familiarity and careful ways of home, and just experiencing the place is an adventure in itself.

If you're craving some adventure in your life, with a few comforts and luxuries along the way and the safety, company and fun of travelling with a fab group of likeminded women and an experienced group leader (me!), then our Thailand Adventure tour is the perfect trip for you. I've designed the tour specifically for women looking for more adventure than your typical holiday, where you'll have the opportunity to sample things out of your comfort zone, but where there's also a friendly and supportive atmosphere with no pressure. This is your holiday and yours to enjoy as you like!

The best way to get a feel for what the tour is really like, other than reading the full itinerary, What's Included and FAQs, is to read the reviews and watch the videos from women who've already done the tour and loved it. They all booked on without knowing anybody else and this was their first time doing this kind of group tour, an adventure in itself.

The little video below gives a summary of our itinerary and a few words from women who've done the tour at the end, but for loads more, and the dates of our next tours this year in Feb, March and November, check out the links above.

I really hope you decide to join us on our adventure in Thailand, I know you'll fall in love with it just as I have :-).

Thanks for reading,

Mel x

Find out more about our 15 day jungle to islands Thailand Adventure group tour for women here.

Small luxury group tours, adventures, travel and holidays for solo / single women in 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s with Travel Queen: Thailand

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