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10 reasons to join our Vietnam & Cambodia women's group tour!

This is our first group tour to combine two countries into one seriously epic adventure! With so much amazing stuff packed in, you might need some help getting your head around what the whole experience will be like and a few highlights of why you should join us... so here are the first 10 we thought of!

Small luxury group tours, adventures, solo female travel and holidays for independent / solo / single women in 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s with Travel Queen in UK and worldwide (Hawaii, Las Vegas, Croatia, Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia, Bali and more)

1. Explore magical ancient cities, like crazy Hanoi and pretty lantern-filled Hoi An!

Imagine hopping on a Vespa scooter for a street food tour, dressing like a Vietnamese woman to explore iconic temples and searching for hidden treasures along lantern-filled streets!

2. Step back in time in epic ancient temples, including world famous Angkor Wat!

Imagine watching in awe as one of the world's most epic temples is slowly revealed as the sun rises, stepping through ancient doorways, gazing at magical Buddha faces etched into stone and the temple being consumed by the jungle that has been used for blockbuster movie sets like Tomb Raider!

3. Soak up breathtaking scenes from soaring cliffs and rolling rice fields to beautiful beaches!

Imagine exploring one of the most diverse parts of South East Asia, from the dramatic, mountainous North Vietnamese countryside to beautiful beaches in Central Vietnam, to ancient wonders in Cambodia, with loads of activities but plenty of time to kick back, relax and just take in all the incredible views too!

4. Gaze at stunning sunsets and starry skies, from the rooftops of ancient towns to the deck of our overnight cruise in Halong Bay!

Picture pink skies settling over an array of contrasting scenes each night of this adventure, from the rooftops of our incredibly central accommodation within the heart of ancient towns and cities, to our more tropical locations where you'll lounge in warm swimming pools surrounded by lush gardens and palm trees.

In Halong Bay in Vietnam you'll be surrounded by a stunning sunset amongst soaring limestone cliffs while you sail smoothly along calm waters, before the stars fill the night sky. Soak it all up from the fabulous rooftop deck of our traditional Vietnamese style cruise ship as you enjoy drinks with your new travel buddies, or enjoy a peaceful moment to yourself from your private cabin balcony.

5. Experience authentic local life and culture, from local farmers tending to lush green rice fields, to bustling city life!

Vietnam and Cambodia are packed full of culture and interesting, super friendly people. This tour gives you loads of opportunities to both watch authentic local life go by and to interact with our local partners, to get to know them and hear their stories about life in these fascinating countries.

6. Sample amazing Asian food, on an incredible Vespa street food tour in Hanoi and optional cooking class!

Imagine the best food you've ever tasted, that's actually good for you, and is unbelievably cheap... welcome to south east Asia! Amazing food will never be far away for you to try on this trip, but a couple of our activities make sure we get stuck in to really understanding, and sampling, what makes some local specialities so damn special, with the guidance of local experts of course.

7. Do it all in style and stay in the gorgeous luxury accommodation we've handpicked for you!

Just as we've done with all of the destinations and activities, we've also tried out all the best accommodation we could find, and are pretty proud of our line up (that we know for a fact smashes other group tour operators' hotels out the park!)

You'll spend 11 fabulous nights in beautiful, locally owned and styled accommodation of an excellent standard; including a boutique city hotel with rooftop infinity pool and cocktail bar in Hanoi, ensuite cruise cabins with balconies on our traditional junk ship in Halong Bay, a Vietnamese style country retreat in Ninh Binh, stylish riverside hotel in Hoi An, and luxurious rooms among tropical gardens in Siem Reap, with incredible breakfasts included every day. Basically, accommodation that'll make you feel like a queen.

Vietnam Accommodation:

Cambodia Accommodation:

8. Explore two very different countries and cultures in one epic adventure!

This is our only group tour that combines two different countries, and they couldn't be more different. The different parts of Vietnam that we explore are even very different from each other; from the wonderful chaos of Hanoi and charming lantern-filled streets of bustling Hoi An, to the beautiful natural mountainous surroundings of Ninh Binh and Halong Bay, all with a fascinating culture and history with big influences from China and France. And then there's tropical Cambodia; it's climate, world famous temples, delicious food and opportunities for ending with some luxuriously balmy poolside lounging, make this one seriously epic adventure, that will give you so many amazing experiences and memories, you'll feel like you've been away for a month!

9. Experience a seamlessly planned adventure with your own group leader to take care of everything!

Hopefully you can tell from checking out our website and following Travel Queen on social media, that this is much more than just a business to me! I take great pride and care in creating very special experiences from my own travels around the destinations we visit to make sure everything about the experience goes above your expectations, both from a travelling, accommodation and activities perspective, but also that you feel comfortable, safe and happy mixing with a new group and getting to know your new travel buddies.

If you'd like to hear what women who have travelled with us say, take a look at our Meet Real Travel Queens reviews and videos page here. This is me with some of the lovely local people I met in Vietnam and Cambodia to plan this adventure and now work with!

10. Travel with a fab group of likeminded women who'll become your new travel buddies... and maybe friends for life!

Travel Queen is about so much more than amazing adventures and enjoying a few luxuries along the way. It’s about bringing women together, creating new friendships and championing woman power too, because we believe that's what really makes us feel like a queen, and that every woman deserves to feel that way.

Among all the amazing feedback I get from the different women who have been on our adventures, there’s a common theme running through what they all tell me about their experience. They booked on their own, without knowing anyone, and the main reason for joining us was because they didn't have people in their lives that they could do a trip like this with. Most had never done anything like this before, and many were a little, if not very, apprehensive about doing something on their own for perhaps the first time, yet they were still drawn to go for it and do it anyway.

And all of them said they were so glad they took the plunge and did it, and how quickly they realised that it wasn’t scary at all! That they soon realised we were all in the same boat, and were simply a group of women, not just looking for adventure and an amazing holiday, but for new friendships with other women, who'd maybe also been feeling like we were the only ones who didn't have people in their lives to do these kind of big, exciting trips with.

They all said how happy it made them to then find those women and share an incredible experience with them, that created what they knew would become lifelong friendships way beyond the tour itself. Lots of the women on our tours have booked onto another Travel Queen tour to recreate that feeling and even travel with some of the same women again. And lots have been lucky enough to create friendships so special that they’ve gone on to become a big part of each other's lives at home and even go on their own holidays together too. To read more about this, check out our blog post Adventure + Luxury + Woman Power = Travel Queen! here.

You can check out the full itinerary, our next tour dates, prices and FAQs for our Vietnam & Cambodia Adventure here on the website, where you can also book your place online, or simply get in touch with a message through the website chat or with Mel on 07967 788845.

Travel Queen LTD specialises in small group tours, adventures, travel and holidays for solo / single women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s to Wales, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Croatia, Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia and Bali, with more on the way.

For details of all our adventures and for inspiration from women who’ve travelled with us visit

To join our growing community of women who have been on our adventures or are thinking about booking one, and to access private events online and in person about everything we do where you can meet ladies who could become your future travel buddies, hosted by Travel Queen owner Mel who designs and leads the tours, visit


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