🌈 Travel Queen is here to stay 🌈

After the toughest year the travel industry has ever faced, I wanted to reassure you that Travel Queen, and our unique group tours for women aged 25 to 59, are here to stay, and why.

It's no secret this year is sadly putting lots of travel companies out of business, including major UK based group tour operators, STA Travel and Flash Pack.

My thoughts go out to everyone affected, those who had holidays booked and the owners and staff who've not only lost their jobs but doing what they love. I remember walking into an STA Travel branch at uni as a fresh faced 20 year old to plan my year out, and it's just really sad they're not around anymore 😢

In light of all this, and on a more positive note, I wanted to reassure you that Travel Queen is here to stay, and why.

Firstly, it's important to know that the Travel Queen mission, to encourage women to travel, be more adventurous and do something for themselves, through amazing travel experiences on our group tours for women aged 25 to 59, is not just a business to me. It is my world, my heart and soul, and you won't find anyone more passionate about what they do.

To protect this and make sure an amazing customer experience is at the heart of everything Travel Queen stands for, I've been very careful about the way I've set up the business.

I've created a uniquely personal, specialist tour operator company with a very strong, and, particularly important right now, a highly streamlined and adaptable business model, very different to that of many larger travel companies with significant overheads and commitments, large teams and physical premises, that are just proving too financially challenging to keep going.

All this means Travel Queen is well placed to ride out the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and will still be going strong by the time our next adventures are able to go ahead.

It also means I will not risk operating a tour, until I'm 100% confident we can safely deliver the amazing experience that Travel Queen is known for.

Our small size and super personal way of doing things also means you will always receive excellent service as one of our incredibly valued customers. Travel Queen would be nothing without you and you will never be just a number with us, or become lost in endless telephone or email queues; if you need to speak with us we’ll always be there for you.

Travel Queen is here to stay, yet I know additional reassurances during uncertain times will give you even greater confidence. You can rest assured that no matter what, your booking is 100% financially protected by the Travel Trust Association. (The TTA is one of the UK’s main regulatory travel industry bodies, that provides even greater financial protection than ABTA, due to their 100% financial protection guarantee.)

You can find out more by taking a look at our Book with Confidence Promise on the Travel Queen website, where you'll also find details of our 2021 and 2022 adventures and loads of reviews and videos from women who've been on our tours so far.

If you'd ever like a chat about anything, you can reach me on 07967 788845.

Here’s to many more adventures to come and happier times for all,

Mel 😘

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