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Become a Travel Queen this year and enter our competition to win 50% off a place on our Thailand Adv

To celebrate International Women's Day and the launch of the UK’s first women-only group tour operator, Travel Queen is encouraging women to empower one another by sharing their stories as part of a social media competition to crown themselves 'Travel Queens of 2018', for the chance to win 50% off our Thailand Adventure group tour for women from 8 to 21 November this year.

We’ve come a long way since the suffragettes established the first International Women’s Day in 1911 and we owe those women and many more in history an enormous debt for laying the foundations of women’s campaign for equality, with 2018 being a perfect time to reflect as we celebrate 100 years since the first women received the right to vote.

But, alongside the importance of striving for equal rights in the workplace, the home, culturally and politically, we shouldn’t forget the simple right to just enjoy ourselves!

Female empowerment is about so much more than struggle!

Sometimes it’s as if the right to prioritise our happiness and make time for simple fun isn’t as important as the trending topics of #PressForProgress and #TimesUp and the term ‘female empowerment’, dare I say it, is in danger of becoming associated with struggle and focusing on overcoming negatives.

While there is an enormous importance on pressing for progress, to honour those like the suffragettes who started the fight, and help pave the way for future generations into a world where gender parity becomes closer and closer together, let’s not forget that life is about so much more than struggle.

It is about enjoying life. Having fun. Letting go of stress and struggles. It’s about empowering our female friends, mothers, sisters and daughters to believe in their worth to such a degree that we are prepared to invest those most precious commodities of time, money and effort, to actually sometimes (heaven forbid!) just put ourselves first. For no other reason more complex than to simply enjoy life…because we deserve it!

Why not do something just for you this year?

Travel Queen believes that the ultimate empowerment is to do something just for you because you believe you deserve it, and that fun, adventure (and of course travel!) is a very important part of life, that women shouldn’t feel selfish about wanting and making happen, but all too often, they do.

Many women past their 20s drift into the habit of forgetting about the importance of their own happiness and making time for themselves, putting all their energy into striving for success and equal pay at work, being in a relationship or starting a family, where sometimes they lose a little identity or independence.

After lots of travelling with others when I was younger, when I found myself newly single in my early 30s I decided to go travelling for the first time on my own to do something just for me. I did so much research to find group tours where I wouldn’t feel old amongst a load of 18-year-old backpackers, but also wouldn’t end up on a Saga type trip with retirees or on a ‘singles’ holiday – and was amazed to find no one offering what I was looking for.

You don't have to be single to have a girls' holiday!

Our tours aren’t just for single women, many women are interested in joining us because their partner can’t or won’t take time away from work, or just isn’t as adventurous as them! Or because they just want to do something for themselves and have a break with other women - how long is it since you had a great girls' holiday and how much fun were they?!

I set up Travel Queen not just because there’s a gap in the market, but to encourage more women to travel, be more adventurous, spoil themselves by putting themselves first for once, and to share that experience with other women, because I’m a big believer that life’s too short not to!

Enter our #TravelQueenIn2018 competition to win 50% off our Thailand Adventure making it £947.50 instead of £1895!

So, to coincide with International Women’s Day today, Travel Queen is offering women aged 25 to 55 the opportunity to ‘become a Travel Queen in 2018’ and is giving away two prizes of 50% off a place on our amazing 14 night Thailand Adventure from the 8 to 21 November, normally sold at £1895 per person, making it just £947.50!

To enter, women simply need to produce a creative post on social media to show why they believe they and other women deserve the adventure, style and fun of a Travel Queen tour in Thailand this year. Visit our competition page for full details of how to enter and for full terms and conditions.

The closing date for entries is 31 March 2018.

I hope the competition empowers you to do something amazing just for you this year and that it creates a really fun, positive vibe around International Women's Day!

Here's a snapshot of what the Thailand Adventure tour includes:

  • 7 different locations including the rainforest and 6 amazing islands, with 3 that no other group tour company goes to!

  • 14 nights' accommodation from traditional Thai bungalows, beachfront villas and luxury tree houses to stunning 5 star hotels with sea views and great breakfasts every day!

  • Travel in style for more time on each island with fun speedboat journeys instead of ferries with the masses!

  • 13 activities including trips by Thai longtail boat, tuk tuk, snorkelling, swim-throughs, short hikes and walking tours exploring temples, viewpoints, beaches, a cooking and cocktail class, a Thai massage, yoga classes and meeting monkeys, elephants and lots of marine life!

  • Travel with up to 14 like-minded women to chill, dine and party with and an experienced tour leader to take care of everything, which on this tour, will be Travel Queen Owner, Mel, who has created the tour and tried and tested very single part of it to make sure the whole experience is outstanding!

  • A full itinerary and route map can be viewed here

Go on, crown yourself a Travel Queen this year and join us in Thailand!

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